African Adventures

By Tanya Price

In March I had the privilege of going to Benin for the first time! One of our newest DRIME bases was planted in this western African country last year. There were so many wonderful moments for me. I thoroughly enjoyed doing ministry with DRIME Benin in a remote village in Africa (and seeing a GAiN water well in person). We have a strong partnership with GAiN (Global Aid Network, a humanitarian organization that drills wells in remote countries and shares the love of Jesus with locals using the Jesus Film), and it was great to be able to see a little piece of what they do in person! I loved seeing people come to Christ and watching our Benin team fervently sharing their faith & praying for people.

Carleigh, another DRIME staff member, led some of the Benin team into Togo and explored new territory – they ministered on street corners, trained 17 people in the DRIME tool, and shared the vision with 4 churches – all in 2 days!  A great start to a (Lord-willing) one-day “DRIME Togo!”

After I spent some time in Benin, I met up with Lillian in Kenya, where we worked alongside our dear friends in the Kibera slum in Nairobi,  and admired their resilience.  They know what it means to sacrifice all for the sake of the Gospel. There, I had a chance to hear Eva (one of our DRIME leaders in Kenya) share about how her own mother just recently came to Christ through watching the DRIME dramas!  So exciting!

I spent 3 full days with our leaders in each country, doing strategic planning, dreaming for the future, praying, playing, ministering, & celebrating what God is doing…what a joy to serve together in the same place for a time!

I’m praying for a fruitful season ahead for our DRIME family in Africa…they need your prayers too!

Tanya is DRIME’s Executive Director, who began the DRIME ministry in 1994.

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