Who Jesus Actually Is

By Anthony S.

On one ministry afternoon, as the sun was setting and the team began to pack up, one of the younger girls in our group was stopped by a Jehovah’s Witness. As Shayne stood there and listened to this middle aged man give his address about what is to come in the afterlife, I happened to be strolling by with the DRIME bag in hand.

I immediately introduced myself to the gentleman, engaged in the conversation, and listened to this man share his faith with us. I then began to share with him texts which gave the truth regarding our future existence, our roles on the earth at the end of the age, and what is offered to us presently.

We then transitioned into a dialogue regarding the difference of our positions on the Deity of Christ. I provoked this conversation due to the fact that we could spend all evening defending our points of view on secondary issues if we chose to, but what is at the core of both of our seemingly similar worldviews is actually the crux of  The Gospel, and that is who Jesus actually is. After allowing me to share the gospel with him, the gentleman had a curious look on his face. He then said, “You really believe that?” I responded, “Believe what?”

He then began to ask strangely philosophical questions that were stemming from the reasoning of his own belief system, as it was being directly challenged. Some of the questions were: “If Jesus were God, how could he create beings like us, who are so much weaker than himself, then let them kill him?” and “How could God be a man?” These questions were a great way to transition into the misunderstanding of a lot of misleading worldviews that tend to limit God. All in all, alongside the Gospel of course, the one thing that was asserted, that left him in a quizzical mood, was that God’s Glory is the all- encompassing purpose of our enjoyment and experience as His creation. All of the implications in this truth began to flood into his face, and I knew that he was beginning to understand the truth of the Gospel. This conversation showed me how God is using us to convey the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit to turn hearts toward Him in San Diego.

Anthony is one of the new leaders of DRIME San Diego. They will be starting their ministry year in September. Pray for them as they share God’s truth with people in California!

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