Healing the Hurt

By Romina Villamayor – A Story from DRIME Paraguay

We had been performing at the plaza and were finishing our ministry time, putting the sound system and our stuff away, when I saw two girls observing us. It was then that I walked over to them and asked if they had seen the dramas we had been performing. “No,” they said “you just finished when we came.” I told them a little bit about what we had been performing and started to talk to them, presenting Christ to them.

Mariana seemed indifferent, whereas her sister was more interested. At first, her reaction intimidated me – it seemed as if everything I said to her went straight through and she wasn’t listening. I tried to catch her attention somehow, when God showed me a deep sadness in her eyes, coming from many wounds in her life. I felt God saying to me: “Tell her this!” But because she seemed to ignore me, I was afraid to tell her this – I thought these words would drive her even further away, leaving everyone in an awkward situation.

However, something in my head kept insisting on telling her these words. So I stopped in the middle of the sentence I had been speaking to share this message with her.  I told the same thing to her sister Isabel.

At that moment, Mariana’s eyes started to water and both girls started sobbing quietly. I told them that God is the one that can heal the wounded hearts and fill them with joy. At this moment I told them about the things God had done in my own life. Then I asked them if they wanted to repeat a prayer accepting God into their lives. Right away, both girls said yes! After they prayed to receive Jesus as King and Saviour, I also prayed for Mariana and Isabel. God’s presence came down to this plaza, touching their hearts and starting to heal the years of hurt that had experienced.

After finishing our prayers, Isabel told me: “During the prayer I felt something I can’t understand or explain myself, but it fills me with joy!” I’m very happy and thankful because God used my life and my mouth to get to and touch the hearts of these two girls. I give God all the praises for what happened in their lives! This experienced helped me realize that presenting the gospel face to face and witnessing God working in people’s lives is the BEST!

DRIME Paraguay is starting their second year of ministry – please keep them in your prayers!


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