I am a Friend of God

By David Benegas – A story from DRIME Paraguay

We were doing the dramas this past weekend in San Lorenzo in a park, and it was a very beautiful place. There were a lot of ducks in the pond behind the stage where we were doing the dramas. We had finished a block of dramas, and I saw a little boy named José, who was about 10 years old, selling popcorn near the stage. He was looking at a book and was trying very hard to read it. He was very concentrated on this booklet, so I got closer and asked him what he was reading. He showed me that he was reading a tract that one of the team members had given to him earlier. I took the tract and I found that it was difficult to explain it to him.

I had an idea, and went back to the DRIME bag to get a booklet called “Jesus Loves You” to share with him. I asked him if he knew how to read, and he said that he did, but it was a little bit difficult for him. We started reading it together, and I explained each part of it to him. I explained that God had created the earth and all the people, and emphasized the main point of this booklet, which is that we can have friendship with God.

When we finished reading the whole book, I asked him how he liked the story. He said to me, “Jesus is not my friend.” I asked him, “Do you want Jesus to be your friend?” He said, “Yes! How can I make Jesus my friend?” I explained that in John 1:12, it says that anyone who believes in God and accept him will become sons and daughters of Christ. He was willing to talk with God, and so we prayed together. He understood that he wanted a relationship with God, and he was very happy with his decision to ask Jesus in his heart! Today I am sure that it wasn’t the dramas that convinced him to ask Jesus into his life, but I felt that because I had been obedient to go over and talk to him about God’s word, it gave an opportunity for José to think about his life and understand that he was separated from God. I was very happy to have this opportunity to share with José, and I am so grateful that God will be his friend forever!

David is one of the team leaders in Paraguay. Please keep DRIME Paraguay in your prayers as they continue to make Jesus inescapable in Asunción and in South America!

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