Appointment with Destiny

By Robenson | DRIME Benin Leader june 2011_2

A few weeks ago I met a young man named Howard during our ministry time at the beach of Fidjrossè. After a time of ministry, we organize individual prayers with people after they have decided to give their lives to Christ. During this time, he shared the experience of his life with me. He explained that he had completed his university education in Marketing & Commercial Action a few years earlier. After a long search for a job, he was eventually hired in a firm where he worked several months without pay. Eventually, he had to give up. Some time later, he still had the same experience in the office of a friend who was just starting to build his business.

He told me, “Currently, I am unemployed and my only resource is my mother who is hardly able to meet my needs. This morning, thinking of it, I was overwhelmed by all these problems, and with no fixed destination in mind, I left the house. That’s how I got here on this beach. Hearing this message about Jesus, I realized that God has a plan for my life and I gave him my life!”

Glory be to God! This testimony encouraged me personally because it reminds us that it is not by our efforts that people come to Christ, but it is the work of the Holy Spirit. God himself chooses people, prepares them and leads them each time to our activities so that when they come in contact with the Gospel message, the Holy Spirit acts in them and convinces them!

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