Hopeless & Searching

By Samantha P. | Tanzania Trip LeaderPhoto3 Sharing

We met Dogo and his son, Isi, when we were doing door-to-door evangelism in a police housing area in Tanzania. Dogo welcomed us openly into his home with a gracious “Karibu sana” (very welcome). He spoke some English so I was able to share about who Jesus was with him. After I shared, my team member Iryn shared her testimony about how she was a Muslim and became a Christian. She was so inspiring as she shared with such passion about her faith!

Because of her openness, Dogo, who was a Muslim, shared about the struggle he was facing. His marriage had been rocky for a year and his wife had tried to physically attack him and their son numerous times. Dogo finally asked for a divorce but she wouldn’t sign the papers. That very morning, Dogo had been to the courthouse and the judge determined Isi would live with his mother for seven years before he could live with his father. My heart ached for this situation and I pray that Isi remains safe in his mother’s care. We shared with him the hope he could have with a relationship with Jesus and we were able to pray into his situation. He was feeling very hopeless in his situation and he longed to find comfort in this “God” we spoke about. He wanted to read a bible and read articles about Christianity first.

Dogo didn’t accept Christ that day with us, but he was open to it. Please continue to pray with me for him that he would learn the truth, accept Jesus as his personal savior and that God would comfort him and work through this situation with his son.

This is a story from the Tanzania mission trip this summer. Interested in being a part of the team next summer? Click here for more info about Tanzania 2014! 

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