Not By Chance

A Story from DRIME Togo

Togo 4

Benjamin met the DRIME Togo team in their first season of ministry. He came to a ministry time, saw the dramas and had a conversation with Dove, one of the team leaders. He accepted Christ into his life that day and stayed in contact with Dove over the next few months.

During his follow-up with Benjamin, Dove invited him to DRIME Togo’s year-end celebration – an event for team members to close the ministry season and celebrate all that was done during the year, and people who had accepted Christ or were involved in follow-up were also invited to the event.


At that event, Benjamin confessed that since giving his life to Christ he had not been living the way God would want him to: he was struggling with the desire to do things he knew were wrong because he was having difficulties in his life. But being with the DRIME team again and hearing about all that God had done, he realized that it was not by random chance that he first encountered the DRIME team. But it was God drawing him closer; God wanted to personally meet him.

Dove and Benjamin continued to stay in communication during DRIME Togo’s second season of ministry and again, Benjamin was invited to the year-end celebration, which was this past June (2014). Before anyone could ask for people to share testimonies, Benjamin raised his hand wanting to speak. He shared his testimony of how he came to Christ through a DRIME presentation, and thanked God for what He did in his life and thanked DRIME for introducing him to God. He has been attending church regularly and now he wants to share the Gospel himself.

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