Thank you, DRIME Thailand

Posted on our social media on November 22: We are sad to announce today that the DRIME team in Thailand is closing. While the local leaders have been working hard, it has been a struggle for them to r... Read More


Uganda Mission Team Experience

In August, we sent a mission team to Uganda to train and do ministry with a local church and outreach team. The team came home with many incredible stories and memories. Here’s what some of the memb... Read More


DRIME Videos on Vimeo

In the past few years, we have been moving towards making our drama training videos more accessible online, and there have been many discussions on how best to share these videos and whether or not t... Read More


Mission Trip Stories from Uganda

Last month, we sent a mission team (from Canada and Kenya) to continue working with believers in Uganda who were trained in January. The team had a fruitful two weeks partnering with the local chur... Read More


My Journey with DRIME | Chana’s Story

Written by Chana C., DRIME Intern & Administrative Assistant   In a way, my journey with DRIME really began before I even knew God or His plan for me. I have a long background in theatre, and... Read More


Stronger Together

This is Part 3 of our series on Getting to Know DRIME Kenya. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2!   “In Kenya, people are so hospitable; even in the slums, where people have very little ... Read More


What Does Evangelism Look Like in Kenya?

From Vancouver to Nairobi, from cement to dirt, from night to daylight. There are a few differences from Canada to Kenya in how DRIME teams engage in spiritual conversations on the streets, not just i... Read More


Experiencing DRIME Kenya: A Canadian Perspective

By Aubri Uitvlugt Last November, DRIME Kenya celebrated their 10th anniversary. DRIME Kenya has always been a highly respected team in the DRIME community, but Kenya can feel like a vague and faraway ... Read More


Why Street Ministry Works (Part 2 of Sheldon’s Story)

By Aubri Uitvlugt The idea of organized religion and going to church makes a lot of people uncomfortable. That’s why street ministry is a great way to build bridges by bringing the message of God’... Read More


Sharing Jesus on the Streets | Sheldon’s Story

By Aubri Uitvlugt Every city has its unique culture. On the streets of Vancouver, a lot of people are just passing through, from places all over the world, with different experiences and backgrounds. ... Read More

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