1421202_627236777320025_648398974_o (1)The birth of DRIME Kenya took place in 2006! Lillian Frederiksen (Tarvudd), Mark Wall and Shelley Weglo – three of DRIME’s members who have served in a variety of leadership roles – served in Nairobi, Kenya for six months. In partnership with AIM (Adventures In Missions), Lillian, Mark & Shelley spent their time praying for & recruiting DRIME’s Kenyan leaders, training them in the dramas and equipping them to lead DRIME Kenya. They came back to Canada in December 2006, leaving behind an active, mission-fulfilling DRIME base run fully by committed Kenyan young people.

Please pray for DRIME Kenya and the leaders as they continue to make Jesus known in Nairobi.

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  • Read some of their stories from the streets:

Kenya 4

Two Miracles

Change, Seeds and Peace

Ministering to the Outcasts

Kenya Connections

Meanwhile, in Africa


No Excuses

Ministry Moments

A New Creation

Determined & Humble

African Adventures

1512131_666110943432608_533227324_o (1)Personal Testimonies from DRIME Kenya:

I had lost all hope in life, until one day I walked by DRIME performing on the street. After watching the dramas and speaking with some of the team members I gave my life to Christ. Since then I am enjoying building the kingdom of God through this loving ministry. – Sharon

I used to be Muslim. One day my friend told me about DRIME. I was intrigued, so I visited them while they were performing on the streets. After watching [the presentation] I gave my life to Christ. Since I became a Christian, I have seen God’s mighty hand work in wondrous ways. I am much more fulfilled now that I am in DRIME because I can share the gospel with people, and I have always had a desire to pray for lost souls. – Fauzia

DRIME has kept me busy working for Christ. I could not talk to people because I was shy, but now through the power of God and his teachings I am able to share the gospel to people and evangelize more. – Nick

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