Beninese DRIMERs – Celebrating 25 years!   Horace, Deborah and Charlotte from the Calavi team talk about how being in DRIME impacted their lives, and how DRIME is impacting their communities.   Transcript: [Why did you join DRIME?] Horace: I decided to join DRIME because I felt in me a need to share the gospel. I had already [...]

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Benin Pastors – Celebrating 25 years!   This year, DRIME Benin is celebrating their ten-year milestone! We took the opportunity to connect with a few Beninese pastors who have seen their church communities grow and be strengthened by their partnerships with our local DRIME teams.   Transcript: [What were you doing at 25?] Pasteur AHOGA Séraphin: I already [...]

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A Mission Trip to Benin

Last month, a mission team from North Langley Community Church partnered with DRIME and Global Aid Network (GAiN) on a mission trip to Benin. Here are some stories of what the team experienced while they were there. Ministry in the City We joined the DRIME Benin team at the Campus for Christ headquarters and practiced [...]

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From Despair to Hope

Stories from DRIME Kibera (Kenya)  We have many teams around the world, but today we will share stories from our DRIME team in Kibera. This team has been faithfully sharing the Gospel in their neighborhood slum for 13 years.  Story 1: John After watching this man intently, I noticed that he looked hopeless and miserable. [...]

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The Solution to Our Brokenness

(Shared by the team in training from Entebbe, Uganda) In July we went for outreach and as usual, we performed dramas and afterwards we went for one-on-one conversations. Afterwards, we gathered together and John shared that he had met three teenage girls and a boy. He first greeted them and introduced himself to them. He [...]

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All about the Regional Summits

A lot of meaningful moments happened at our Regional Summits this year. Click on the links below to see stories, photos and a video about our three first-ever Regional Summits in early 2018.   Impact Report: DRIME Regional Summits 2018 Report   Thank You Video   Photo Albums Canada & Asia Summit Latin [...]

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Uganda Mission Team Experience

In August, we sent a mission team to Uganda to train and do ministry with a local church and outreach team. The team came home with many incredible stories and memories. Here’s what some of the members had to say about the experience “I originally did not want to be a part of this trip. [...]

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Mission Trip Stories from Uganda

Last month, we sent a mission team (from Canada and Kenya) to continue working with believers in Uganda who were trained in January. The team had a fruitful two weeks partnering with the local church there. Together, they engaged 223 people in spiritual conversations, and saw 93 people come to Christ! Here are some stories that the team [...]

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Stronger Together

This is Part 3 of our series on Getting to Know DRIME Kenya. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2!   "In Kenya, people are so hospitable; even in the slums, where people have very little compared to the North American standard," Lillian says. You can walk into someone's home, even a [...]

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What Does Evangelism Look Like in Kenya?

From Vancouver to Nairobi, from cement to dirt, from night to daylight. There are a few differences from Canada to Kenya in how DRIME teams engage in spiritual conversations on the streets, not just in terms of location and time of day.

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