He Looked Thoughtful

'I saw a boy around 12-years-old sitting after a time of ministry, and he looked thoughtful. I approached and began to talk to him. He had not watched all the dramas, but he was curious to know what they were about. He was very open to listen and I was able to talk to him about creation, sin, fall, and new life in Christ. At the end of the conversation, he decided to give his life to Jesus and seek contact with a Gramado church. (It has not happened yet but we are following up.)'

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Uganda Testimonies

Earlier this month, we sent two leaders to Uganda to lead a 5-day training for a local drama evangelism team, as well as other believers in the country who were interested in learning more. Here are some of the comments from the participants!   After street ministry: I talked to a man and he was [...]

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It Tells a Story

As DRIME comes together, you see a cluster starts to form. We start playing music and start drawing people’s attention and see heads starting to turn as they sit and watch.

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Decisions and Deliverance

In the middle of the conversation, Christine stopped the discussion and asked with insistence, “What should I do exactly if I want to have eternal life?”

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Turning Points in Togo

After watching a drama, a man called Jerard decided to share with us about the work of darkness in his life, asking if the light of Jesus Christ could also set him free.

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Led Here by a Dream

He shared that he had a dream in which he was shown the way to a beach but he did not understand what it was about. I told him that nothing happens by chance and that God has a plan for his life.

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Then They Stopped Laughing

When the blind character came onto the scene, the children started laughing and pointing to a teenage girl in the audience. We could tell that this girl was blind, and we weren't sure how the drama would be received.

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What If You Died Today?

I asked him where he thought he would go if he died today. He said he didn’t know, that he is not perfect but he is trying to do as much good as he can. Then I told him about the Gospel of grace.

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Freedom in Bungoma

She shared with us that when she saw the drama called "Liquid" she was touched by the way Jesus was reaching out to the characters and setting them free. As she watched the drama, it reminded her how she has been struggling with witchcraft in her life.

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Two Miracles

Nancy saw the dramas and was interested in the man in white. She really wanted to know more about him. A DRIME member had a chat with her and explained to her who the man in white is.

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