My Journey with DRIME | Jennifer’s Story

Written by Jennifer C. | DRIME Intern   As I look back to my journey with DRIME, I can see that God has been directing me back to this ministry again and again. I am grateful that He is in control and was giving me guidance along the way! I first learned about DRIME in [...]

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Thank you, DRIME Thailand

Posted on our social media on November 22: We are sad to announce today that the DRIME team in Thailand is closing. While the local leaders have been working hard, it has been a struggle for them to recruit team members, which has made it difficult for the team to do ministry on the streets. [...]

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He Looked Thoughtful

'I saw a boy around 12-years-old sitting after a time of ministry, and he looked thoughtful. I approached and began to talk to him. He had not watched all the dramas, but he was curious to know what they were about. He was very open to listen and I was able to talk to him about creation, sin, fall, and new life in Christ. At the end of the conversation, he decided to give his life to Jesus and seek contact with a Gramado church. (It has not happened yet but we are following up.)'

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A Lesson in Trust

Story from Carol C. | South Korea Mission Trip member The first time we did street ministry, we encountered spiritual attacks in almost every direction. People fell ill, we had to switch locations, and we even witnessed a car accident right in front of our bus as we were going to our new location. By [...]

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DRIME Camp Testimonies

"Even though I decided to come to DRIME camp, I was still nervous about evangelism. After I participated in DRIME camp, my fear is gone, and after I participated in street ministry, my fear is gone too.”

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A New Way to Introduce God

These are testimonies from two volunteers that our mission team trained on a recent mission trip to South Korea. These stories remind us how God is working on the streets in that country!

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Become Like Little Children

I was grateful to God for allowing me to spend 2 hours with the kids, but I was worried that they might not be able to learn and remember all of the moves. Although there was not much we could do, our Lord made the impossible possible. Children learn things quickly.

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Seoul Stories

“Several people can come approach because of the tool – we are in one place so they can come to us. It is a good tool to share with many people!” – Maggie

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Coming Back Home

Throughout the conversation John shared that he had been a Christian for a long time, but had left church for a few years as he considered God had forsaken him. He felt that God didn’t answer his prayers on family issues, and as a result of hard things in his life, he suffered from depression.

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“What Are You Guys Doing?”

“Although you are yet to accept the Lord at this moment, whenever you encounter hardships or sadness in your life someday, try praying 'in the name of Jesus Christ,' for the Lord will definitely Listen and Help.”

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