The Testimony of Team

God revealed to me a bit of His fierce love for the Thai people and showed me that it was the same fierce love He has for me. I will never look at ministry the same way again…

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I wasn’t sure that I could do this - perform the dramas in front of people! I’m just too shy. But God helped me through those feelings of 'you can’t' to become 'of course you can!'

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Learning to Pray

She decided to pray to Jesus and ask him to take away her stomach pain. She had no idea where that thought came from, because it never crossed her mind to pray to Jesus before. But she was desperate for help, so she did.

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“Maybe God Sent You Here”

It’s not about karma or getting what we deserve but in fact it is the opposite. The kingdom of God is backwards in so many ways and grace is very different then getting what we deserve.

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Salvation Day

God had been drawing him for some time and we got to be with him on his salvation day, seeing him enter into the kingdom of God.

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Eternity Shift

I just kept praying for the girls that we were sharing with and for God to give my translators the words to say. All of a sudden, one of my translators told me that Anchali wanted to accept Christ!

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“I Think This Man Could be a Part of my Life”

I made my way across the crowd to the woman. "What do you think?" I asked, gesturing to the booklet and to the dramas, wondering what her reaction would be. I was not prepared for the profound answer she gave me. "I think this man could be a part of my life"

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Thinking about God for the First Time

“Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life or felt like something was missing?” I asked her. She had a puzzled look on her face and said “Not really.” I then asked, “Have you ever felt lonely” She nodded slowly and said “Sometimes.”

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