Doris – Celebrating 25 Years!   This month, we sat down with Doris to celebrate 25 years! We had the privilege of sitting down with Doris as she took us on a journey, through her memories and stories, all the way back to the early ministry years of DRIME in the 90's. She stored our clunky sound [...]

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Facing Loneliness

By Sheldon Francescini | DRIME Vancouver Leader One rainy ministry night, our leaders encouraged us to split up and walk around downtown Vancouver, where we would pray for the city and ask God to highlight people for us to talk with. Walking down Granville Street, our group met Lisa. She was sitting on the sidewalk [...]

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Stories from Toronto

Every time of ministry, DRIME Toronto has great conversations with people they meet on the street. Here are some recent conversations, which show how God is working in people’s hearts in Canada’s biggest city.      Kara*   Yasmine, a volunteer from a local church, spotted this beautiful 19 year-old girl because she really liked [...]

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Meet the Staff: Sheldon

Written by Beth Brown | DRIME Staff Member Things are changing in the DRIME Vancouver world! Jamie, who has been leading the DRIME Vancouver team for the past 4 years, is transitioning to a new staff role, and we are thrilled to announce that our very own Sheldon Francescini is taking on the role! You [...]

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Written by Christine M. (DRIME Vancouver leader) Before going into my first year of leadership in DRIME Vancouver, I sat down with my team leader Jamie and told him I didn’t think I’d be competent or worthy to serve. I was uncomfortable with the thought of jumping into something unknown that I would surely be [...]

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Reintroducing People to Christ

Written by Michaela S., DRIME Vancouver member   It was a brisk night in Autumn, and I wasn’t solely shaking due to the cold. I had a buzz running through my body, like I often do on ministry nights. I approached a man sitting on a bench with his dog, and our banter remained fairly [...]

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All about the Regional Summits

A lot of meaningful moments happened at our Regional Summits this year. Click on the links below to see stories, photos and a video about our three first-ever Regional Summits in early 2018.   Impact Report: DRIME Regional Summits 2018 Report   Thank You Video   Photo Albums Canada & Asia Summit Latin [...]

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My Journey with DRIME | Jennifer’s Story

Written by Jennifer C. | DRIME Intern   As I look back to my journey with DRIME, I can see that God has been directing me back to this ministry again and again. I am grateful that He is in control and was giving me guidance along the way! I first learned about DRIME in [...]

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My Journey with DRIME | Chana’s Story

Written by Chana C., DRIME Intern & Administrative Assistant   In a way, my journey with DRIME really began before I even knew God or His plan for me. I have a long background in theatre, and for the majority of my life it has been a great passion of mine. As a teenager, theatre [...]

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Why Street Ministry Works (Part 2 of Sheldon’s Story)

By Aubri Uitvlugt The idea of organized religion and going to church makes a lot of people uncomfortable. That’s why street ministry is a great way to build bridges by bringing the message of God’s love to them. “In our world today, technology makes us more connected than ever,” says DRIME Vancouver volunteer Sheldon. “And [...]

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