Sweet Return

I felt God telling me to go talk to the man sitting on a bench. What are we going to talk about? I wondered.

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Prepared in Advance

He seemed to believe that Islam and Christianity were "basically the same thing," which was a great opener to take the conversation even further. We had a fantastic conversation about God's grace and how in Christianity it's not what we do that saves us but what Christ did for us.

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When both God and us are trying to lead in our dance of life and are not willing to submit, the dance will not be smooth and elegant like it is supposed to be.

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Going Back to Church

He was a little unsure about going to a church, because he hates religion and he feared he wasn't allowed in a church because he smokes. We then talked about the difference between religion and relationship. The concept of a relationship with Jesus...

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Two Stories from Montreal

By Marie-Eve Linnard I recently led a mission team to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, where we had the opportunity to share the vision of DRIME with people in churches and share the gospel with many people on the streets. One day, we were doing ministry in Montreal, where I met a 12-year-old boy named Mike. He had stopped [...]

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Questions and Conversations

He was standing beneath the street light, pencil in hand, focused on his artwork. I watched him work for a couple minutes and he explained to me that he was sketching a painting of the street we were on: Robson Street. We began a conversation based on humanity’s need to create and continued down the path of discussing his belief in the Church of Scientology and my own belief in Jesus Christ.

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