The 2020 Vision

As we launch into our year of celebrating what God has done in our 25 year history, we want to give you a small glimpse into our humble beginnings, and the journey that has led to our ministry being where it is today.

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Meet the Staff: Tanya (Part 1)

In this installment of our “meet the staff” series, Beth interviewed Tanya Price about her history with DRIME. (For those of you who don’t know, Tanya is the founder of DRIME, and 25 years later, she is still on staff with the ministry!) We hope you enjoy reading about her experience with DRIME through the [...]

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Celebrating & Anticipating

This past year we went to Ghana for the first time, most staff went through some kind of role transition, we launched 3 new DRIME teams, and we saw over 2,000 accept Christ into their lives. Through it all...

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Meet the Staff: Sheldon

Written by Beth Brown | DRIME Staff Member Things are changing in the DRIME Vancouver world! Jamie, who has been leading the DRIME Vancouver team for the past 4 years, is transitioning to a new staff role, and we are thrilled to announce that our very own Sheldon Francescini is taking on the role! You [...]

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A Decade of Trust: Celebrating Janna

Written by Beth Brown | DRIME Staff Member Janna Cressman is a name that is well-known in DRIME circles. Janna eagerly started out as a volunteer with DRIME Vancouver in 2005 and continued, through the years, to commit herself to investing in leader's lives around the world and trust that God would use her to [...]

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Meet the Staff: Johannes

As one of the newer faces on the staff team, Johannes Bleeker (DRIME Latin America Regional Director) might be unfamiliar to some of the DRIME world. This isn’t the case in Paraguay, where Johannes and his wife Gabi have been known as parents to the DRIME Paraguay teams for many years. But this almost didn’t [...]

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All about the Regional Summits

A lot of meaningful moments happened at our Regional Summits this year. Click on the links below to see stories, photos and a video about our three first-ever Regional Summits in early 2018.   Impact Report: DRIME Regional Summits 2018 Report   Thank You Video   Photo Albums Canada & Asia Summit Latin [...]

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Summit Preview: A Chat with the Director

In the next two months, DRIME leaders from all over the world will be gathering in Africa, North America and Latin America for our first-ever Regional Summits. We got a chance to sit down with our Director, Lillian, to hear some of her thoughts. (I=Interviewer, L=Lillian)   I: 2017 ended not long ago. What were [...]

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My Journey with DRIME | Jennifer’s Story

Written by Jennifer C. | DRIME Intern   As I look back to my journey with DRIME, I can see that God has been directing me back to this ministry again and again. I am grateful that He is in control and was giving me guidance along the way! I first learned about DRIME in [...]

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My Journey with DRIME | Chana’s Story

Written by Chana C., DRIME Intern & Administrative Assistant   In a way, my journey with DRIME really began before I even knew God or His plan for me. I have a long background in theatre, and for the majority of my life it has been a great passion of mine. As a teenager, theatre [...]

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