Summit Preview: A Chat with the Director

In the next two months, DRIME leaders from all over the world will be gathering in Africa, North America and Latin America for our first-ever Regional Summits. We got a chance to sit down with our Director, Lillian, to hear some of her thoughts. (I=Interviewer, L=Lillian)   I: 2017 ended not long ago. What were [...]

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My Journey with DRIME | Jennifer’s Story

Written by Jennifer C. | DRIME Intern   As I look back to my journey with DRIME, I can see that God has been directing me back to this ministry again and again. I am grateful that He is in control and was giving me guidance along the way! I first learned about DRIME in [...]

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My Journey with DRIME | Chana’s Story

Written by Chana C., DRIME Intern & Administrative Assistant   In a way, my journey with DRIME really began before I even knew God or His plan for me. I have a long background in theatre, and for the majority of my life it has been a great passion of mine. As a teenager, theatre [...]

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Answers and Hope in Bangkok

During the Leadership Summit, we had the opportunity to do ministry on the streets of Bangkok as an international group of DRIMERs from nine different countries. Here are two stories from some of our leaders and their experiences on the streets.

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Summit Session Highlights

We had the opportunity to spend a week together as DRIME leaders from 9 different countries in Bangkok for the purpose of learning more about leadership and encouraging one another to continue in the ministry that God has called each DRIME leader to. Here are some highlights from the leadership sessions from a few of our leaders.

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Base Leaders Summit Highlights

Last month, DRIME held its second official Base Leaders Summit in Gramado, Brazil. 28 leaders from 8 different countries joined together for a week of leadership & drama training, as well as a chance to meet together and celebrate what God has done in and through our ministry.

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One Month Until the Summit

The Summit celebrates what the leaders and DRIME teams have accomplished, and also provides resources that many leaders could not receive in their own country. For many leaders, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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