Photo Gallery: Paintings of Hope

In a year where street performances was restricted in many areas, DRIME teams got creative in finding new ways to bring hope to their cities. “We put up some paintings with evangelistic messages in a park. Within an hour, we received notifications from people who had seen those paintings and read the messages [...]

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a night of fruitful ministry for DRIME used to include embraces, heads bowed together in prayer, and dozens of people gathered to watch the gospel story unfold through choreographed street drama. No longer able to meet in public spaces, DRIME began to share performances and stories on social platforms, garnering widespread [...]

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Guillermo & Tanja – Celebrating 25 years!   Guillermo and Tanja are long-time DRIME leaders in Paraguay. Today, they tell us of not only how God is changing lives in Paraguay, but how DRIME played a key role in their love story.   Transcript: Guillermo: I want to be in the video too. Tanja: This is Paraguayan tea called [...]

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Deni & Maura – Celebrating 25 years!   We get to interview Deni and Maura this month on their stories with DRIME! Over the course of this year, we'll be sharing stories and videos every month, having "the sweetest streets ever" event, fundraising for our teams around the world, and ending off with a benefit concert next fall. [...]

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Never Alone

Story by Damaris, DRIME Colima leader (Mexico) I had the opportunity to talk with a 17 year-old boy named Jaime* that I encountered sitting on one of the benches in the garden who was observing the dramas. After a few minutes, I approached her and greeted her. I asked her what she thought of the [...]

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Meet the Staff: Johannes

As one of the newer faces on the staff team, Johannes Bleeker (DRIME Latin America Regional Director) might be unfamiliar to some of the DRIME world. This isn’t the case in Paraguay, where Johannes and his wife Gabi have been known as parents to the DRIME Paraguay teams for many years. But this almost didn’t [...]

2019-10-11T07:04:47-04:00August 30th, 2018|

Reaching Out with Arms of Love

Story by Lidia O. | DRIME Asunción member (Paraguay)   I talked with a girl named Ana. She sat near the place where we presented, but when I asked her if she understood the dramas, she answered that she hadn’t paid any attention to what we were doing. She then asked me what church we [...]

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All about the Regional Summits

A lot of meaningful moments happened at our Regional Summits this year. Click on the links below to see stories, photos and a video about our three first-ever Regional Summits in early 2018.   Impact Report: DRIME Regional Summits 2018 Report   Thank You Video   Photo Albums Canada & Asia Summit Latin [...]

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Paraguay: Six Years Later

Written by Beth Brown (DRIME Staff Member) I first visited the DRIME Paraguay team in November 2011 [editor's note: pictured], about a year after they had formally launched. The team was small but strong, and had four amazing leaders. I was most impressed by the fact that they sacrificed so much to be a part [...]

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He Looked Thoughtful

'I saw a boy around 12-years-old sitting after a time of ministry, and he looked thoughtful. I approached and began to talk to him. He had not watched all the dramas, but he was curious to know what they were about. He was very open to listen and I was able to talk to him about creation, sin, fall, and new life in Christ. At the end of the conversation, he decided to give his life to Jesus and seek contact with a Gramado church. (It has not happened yet but we are following up.)'

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