Youth Only?

She told me that she had liked the dramas and the message we gave. She told me, "It is very good to young people to do that." I replied that we did this not just for youth people, but that this message of hope was for all.

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"I didn't want to stop here at this plaza because I have to get home...but it is so hot today, I just had to rest for a moment here in the park. How fortunate that I stopped when you were presenting and came to talk to me…"

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Too Young?

Damaris said: “I have never before in my life have done this – talking to strangers about God..."

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Turning it Around

Enrique's life had been a total mess, where he had been involved in crime and drugs. However, he had met Jesus, and this relationship totally changed his life.

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Meeting our Brother

"I was at home, doing nothing special, when I felt that I wanted to eat ice of the girls started explaining the drama and started talking about a life with Jesus and I knew that you were doing something with a purpose."

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Mission in Progress

“Being in DRIME has given me more confidence in talking with people at my university. I don’t feel scared to talk about Jesus with my classmates anymore.”

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