Too Young?

Damaris said: “I have never before in my life have done this – talking to strangers about God..."

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Turning it Around

Enrique's life had been a total mess, where he had been involved in crime and drugs. However, he had met Jesus, and this relationship totally changed his life.

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Meeting our Brother

"I was at home, doing nothing special, when I felt that I wanted to eat ice of the girls started explaining the drama and started talking about a life with Jesus and I knew that you were doing something with a purpose."

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Mission in Progress

“Being in DRIME has given me more confidence in talking with people at my university. I don’t feel scared to talk about Jesus with my classmates anymore.”

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Healing the Hurt

I didn’t know how to say it to her, but I told her that I saw a deep hurt in her eyes, and also hatred from the many times she had been hurt by others.

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“I need Jesus!”

Marlene started to share her experiences of how God had helped her accept herself and build a healthy self-esteem. One of the woman cried out and started sharing about all the miserable things she had gone through in her short life already: how people in her family and her former church had hurt her so badly.

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Sound Systems and the Spirit Moving in Mexico

On October 30th, DRIME San Diego was part of an outreach event in Tijuana, Mexico put on by a network of churches and ministries in Tijuana. It consisted of carnival game activities for the kids, free lunch, doctors and dentists providing free care, music, drama, preaching and giving away bags of food.

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