It Tells a Story

As DRIME comes together, you see a cluster starts to form. We start playing music and start drawing people’s attention and see heads starting to turn as they sit and watch. Read More

Led Here by a Dream

He shared that he had a dream in which he was shown the way to a beach but he did not understand what it was about. I told him that nothing happens by chance and that God has a plan for his life. Read More

Then They Stopped Laughing

When the blind character came onto the scene, the children started laughing and pointing to a teenage girl in the audience. We could tell that this girl was blind, and we weren't sure how the drama would be received. Read More

What If You Died Today?

I asked him where he thought he would go if he died today. He said he didn’t know, that he is not perfect but he is trying to do as much good as he can. Then I told him about the Gospel of grace. Read More

“That’s Why He Sent Me”

I told him, “Even though a mother can forget her child, God promises to never give up on His children – that’s why He sent me to you today." Read More

From Voodoo to Freedom

"I am a vodoun disciple and it’s not the first time for me to hear this message. Every time before, I resisted. But this time was different; I felt like something bigger than me was pulling me out of my house to listen." Read More

“I Have Been Expecting You for One Year”

After the drama presentation, Oscar was the first person to come ahead wanting to give his life to Christ! After the prayer he insisted to share his testimony. His first words were: "I have been expecting you for one year!" Read More

Saved from Suffering

But there was a voice inside of me that said "Don't leave, but call on the name of the Lord for shelter instead. You still have a God! The One that made you." Read More

I Cannot Do Anything For You…

"He told me that he cannot do anything himself for me, but Jesus could!" Read More

Meanwhile, In Africa…

After the drama, he explained to us that in seeing the suffering that Christ endured for him he realized how ungrateful he had been by not accepting the sacrifice of Jesus. Read More

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