Meet the Staff: Tanya (Part 1)

In this installment of our “meet the staff” series, Beth interviewed Tanya Price about her history with DRIME. (For those of you who don’t know, Tanya is the founder of DRIME, and 25 years later, she is still on staff with the ministry!) We hope you enjoy reading about her experience with DRIME through the […] Read More

A Lesson in Trust

Story from Carol C. | South Korea Mission Trip member The first time we did street ministry, we encountered spiritual attacks in almost every direction. People fell ill, we had to switch locations, and we even witnessed a car accident right in front of our bus as we were going to our new location. By […] Read More

Community in Calgary

Before the trip, I was confused, at best, to how real community could be true. I would not have imagined that, only a few days after meeting my team, I would have been a part of a community that was constantly the recipient of marveled comments on how there was something different about us, how free we seemed, or how close we were. Read More

“Do you know the Bible very well?”

The intensity in his face and quick pace of his questions made me think that he was trying to start a debate, but I quickly learned that he was just hungry for truth. "My father is a Christian and my mother is a Muslim. I am older now, and I can choose for myself." Read More

Memorable Missions Moments

At the end of our conversation he said, "Before today, I didn’t think God still cared for me – but now I know He does." Read More

Mexico Mission Trip Highlights

I thank God for this opportunity of seeing God at work in a mountain village in Mexico. Read More

Eternity Shift

I just kept praying for the girls that we were sharing with and for God to give my translators the words to say. All of a sudden, one of my translators told me that Anchali wanted to accept Christ! Read More

Two Stories from Montreal

By Marie-Eve Linnard I recently led a mission team to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, where we had the opportunity to share the vision of DRIME with people in churches and share the gospel with many people on the streets. One day, we were doing ministry in Montreal, where I met a 12-year-old boy named Mike. He had stopped […] Read More

DRIME Kenya: Determined and Humble

They have very little, sacrifice a lot and are passionate about being part of making Jesus known not only in Kenya but all over East Africa. Read More

Lives Transformed in Asia!

For 3 busy weeks in July 2010, a DRIME team was able to minister in Thailand and Hong Kong. These are some of their stories: Read More

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