Uganda Testimonies

Earlier this month, we sent two leaders to Uganda to lead a 5-day training for a local drama evangelism team, as well as other believers in the country who were interested in learning more. Here are some of the comments from the participants!   After street ministry: I talked to a man and he was […] Read More

Become Like Little Children

I was grateful to God for allowing me to spend 2 hours with the kids, but I was worried that they might not be able to learn and remember all of the moves. Although there was not much we could do, our Lord made the impossible possible. Children learn things quickly. Read More

Just Two Days

At the end of the second day, the students presented these three dramas to officials and college professors. Many of them were moved to see students performing. The Secretary said, "I cried, it was so beautiful! I had never seen anything like this, and to see our students doing it after only two days...I can't believe they learned it all!" Read More

Training Camp for DRIME Leaders

7 people from across Canada came together in one place for a weekend of of fun, learning, games, and get-to-know-you activities. Sound like camp? You're right - camp for grown-ups, and specifically, camp for DRIME leaders. Read More

No Excuses

At the beginning of the conversation he insisted he didn’t want to be saved; he admitted he was a sinner and was going to hell... Finally Keith said, “I don’t have any excuse anymore..." Read More

Turning it Around

Enrique's life had been a total mess, where he had been involved in crime and drugs. However, he had met Jesus, and this relationship totally changed his life. Read More

Reaching Out

It was amazing to me how God could use me and take away my nervousness so that I could willingly pray for a man I’d never met before. Read More

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