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DRIME exists to help people discover Christ through choreographed street drama, empower others for ministry as they experience drama and evangelism training, and inspire passionate, discipled leaders through purposed community.


DRIME provide training and evangelism resources to other ministries and churches to assist with any opportunities for sharing the Gospel that you might have. Check out our training DVDs, evangelism and drama workshops and training sessions, or the opportunity to book the DRIME team to perform at an event.

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Why Street Ministry Works (Part 2 of Sheldon’s Story)

By Aubri Uitvlugt The idea of organized religion and going to church makes a lot of people uncomfortable. That’s why street ministry is a great way to build bridges by bringing the message of God’s love to them. “In our world today, technology makes us more connected than ever,” says DRIME Vancouver volunteer Sheldon. “And […]

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