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“The reason we do this is so that people can come to know Jesus, that we can create a space where people can interact with believers and experience God in a really safe environment  where dramas are happening to start conversations and pique interest.” – Lillian Frederiksen, International Director

Helping you reach your world

What would it look like to see DRIME in your city? Throughout the years, we have been able to train thousands of people and teams in this unique tool of sharing the gospel through drama and one-on-one conversation, and have seen hundreds of thousands of people around the world encounter Jesus.

The Process

Stage 1 – Promoting

When we find a local champion, a person interested in helping a DRIME team get started in their city, DRIME will send trainers to your city for Module 1 training. The contact will promote the ministry and find leadership candidates for the future team. This stage is complete when the leadership candidates are found.

Stage 2 – Equipping

This stage involves finalizing the leadership team and recruiting team members. Module 2 trains the leadership candidates in how to lead a DRIME team. Module 3 training, which includes a ministry kick-off retreat, will be conducted when the team is formed and ready to begin ministry.

Stage 3 – Ministry

In Stage 3, the team in training can function as a DRIME team, doing regular practice and ministry. Their goal is to meet the minimum requirements of a DRIME team. After 3-6 months and an assessment, they will complete the “DRIME Team Multiplication Process” and become an official DRIME team!

Yes, I would like to start a DRIME team!