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“At first it was difficult for me. I feel nervous performing the dramas too. But when we pray at the start we ask God to guide us, and it’s amazing how it all turns out. When I talk to people I feel like it’s not really me but God telling me how to talk to them.” – Maca (Paraguay)

Help people experience Jesus

Do you have a heart for people? Do you want to be challenged and transformed in your walk with God?

DRIME teams are made up of volunteers who are passionate about creating spaces in their city where anyone can experience Jesus. These teams use the DRIME tool to spark curiosity in people walking by, giving them an opportunity to ask questions in a safe environment and see the gospel story unfold before their very own eyes.

What to expect

DRIME members are volunteers who commit to saying yes to a life-changing year of ministry – committing to regular training times, street ministry and other opportunities to serve the churches in your city.

As a part of a DRIME team, you will learn how to engage your city in the gospel story, equip others in DRIME’s evangelism tools, build up your own leadership skills and capacity through purposed community, and work with local churches and ministry partners to empower their mission.

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Don’t see a DRIME team in your city? Click here to learn about starting a team in your city, or find online resources here.