Lives Transformed in Asia!

On crowded streets in some of the most densely populated cities of the world, the message of freedom in Jesus was shared with many through drama and conversation.  These are a few of their stories:

“One night in Bangkok we performed across from a row of restaurants, the streets alive with night life.  Afterwords we talked with a girl named Dok who worked at one of the restaurants and had been watching the dramas. We shared about Christ and the way He has transformed our own lives, and she shared with us her own experience of religion.  She told us each day she thinks of Buddhism and that the weight of her guilt for the wrong she has done makes her want to kill herself.  She felt there was no way to escape this darkness, but after hearing us speak she understood that Jesus is the only one who is able to wash her clean and remove her guilt.  We were astounded to hear such a clear description of the freedom Christ can bring, but Dok was not ready to accept Christ into her heart that night.  Close by, her boss yelled at us to stop wasting our time with her; that she had done too much wrong in her life and could never be redeemed.  After exchanging contact info we left the restaurant, our hearts heavy with the darkness that Dok felt. A week after the trip ended, (and many prayers later) our contact in Thailand wrote to share the joy that Dok had given her life to Jesus!” – Laura Bull, Team Member

“The image of people being set free from bondage really spoke to Kavi’s heart as he watched the dramas in Bangkok.  Kavi was attracted to the ‘the man in white’ who broke the shackles off the characters in the dramas. We talked with him about the difference between Buddhist works and freedom found through Christ. Kavi said he had a lot of guilt in his life and it kept piling up in his heart and he felt no release.  Kavi also told us that even as a young university student, he was the only one left to look after his family. I shared with him my story of having to look after my own family when I was very young. Even though my own circumstances have been very difficult, I have seen God at work in many ways in my life. I related to Kavi that at all times Jesus has been with me.  We continued to talk about the very real hope and grace found in Christ. Kavi responded by giving his life to Christ that day!” – Ian Hengeveld, Team Member

“Ming was a man I talked with after a drama presentation on a busy Hong Kong street.  He had sporadically gone to church over the years, but had never made a decision for Christ because, as he said, it was the most important decision of his life & he needed to be sure it was the right one!  He said he lacked faith, and so we talked about why Jesus could be trusted.  I also shared with him a great tool (a booklet called “Discovering God in Chinese Characters”) and shared how God has made Himself known in so many ways.  By the end of our conversation, Ming wanted to pray to receive Christ. What a divine appointment and privilege to be with him in that very moment that he decided to cross the line of faith!” – Tanya Price, Team Leader

Please remember these individuals in your prayers, as well as many others who watched the dramas or were in conversation with the team.  Pray that their lives will continue to be directed towards Jesus and the freedom He offers!  Also pray for future opportunities for DRIME within Thailand and Hong Kong.

For more photos of DRIME’s Thailand/Hong Kong trip, click here or check out our facebook page.

*Names of individuals have been changed to remain anonymous.

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