Two Stories from Montreal

By Marie-Eve Linnard

I recently led a mission team to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, where we had the opportunity to share the vision of DRIME with people in churches and share the gospel with many people on the streets.

One day, we were doing ministry in Montreal, where I met a 12-year-old boy named Mike. He had stopped on his bike with his younger brother to watch our presentation. He seemed to be really interested in and liked the dramas, but he didn’t understand what was going on. As soon as I finished the performance, I went to talk with him. I quickly found out that he comes from a Muslim background. I asked him some questions about faith and Jesus to see what he knew. Eventually I had the chance to explain the whole gospel to him.  He seemed to be interested in what I was sharing, and I really felt like he was starting to understand.  His dad came up at the end of our conversation and he had to leave, but I am praying that a seed was planted and that one day, he would come to know the man in white.

I met another man while we were on the streets named Paul.  He is a typical, non-practicing Catholic man who was raised in a religious home (very common in Montreal). We talked for a long time about the dramas, the church and a variety of religions.  I mostly listened—he had a lot to say, and seemed lonely.  I have come to realize that when talking to people on the street, as important as it is to share the gospel, it is sometimes just as important to spend some time building a relationship with that person without trying to “push an agenda” on them.  In the end, I know that when I have a friendship with someone, I am in a better place to share the gospel with them.

Eventually, Paul had to go, so we said good-bye and I figured I would never see him again.  The next day, we were walking to church on a Sunday morning and we walked right by Paul’s house!  I saw him on his patio and we had a chance to reconnect.  I am so grateful for the chance I had to build a relationship with him and share the love of Jesus with him by simply being his friend.  I am praying that as he thinks back on the times that we talked, Jesus would use the kindness I was able to show Paul to draw him closer and begin to move in his heart. Maybe one day he will visit the church down the road!

Marie-Eve leads DRIME Kingston, which ministers locally.  They are in their second year of ministry.

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