Meanwhile, In Africa…

Did you know that DRIME has three active ministry teams in Africa? That’s right – on a weekly basis, Jesus is being shared through drama in Togo, Kenya & Benin! 

Today we wanted to share a few short stories of how the Lord has been moving through the DRIME ministry in these cities.


Lome, Togo:

While the team was performing the drama called Please, a man in the audience started to cry. After the drama, he explained to us that in seeing the suffering that Christ endured for him he realized how ungrateful he had been by not accepting the sacrifice of Jesus. He knelt down on his knees and gave his life to the Lord, and asked us not to forget him in our prayers.

Kibera, Kenya: 

One day during ministry, a team member shared a word with one of the on-lookers named Jessica who said she was saved a few years ago but has never had a conviction in salvation until she watched the dramas. She asked many questions about the dramas and wanted to know more about light and darkness. The team members explained more about the spiritual realm and later she said, “I must not have actually been saved – this is the time of salvation!”

Cotonou, Benin:

2 weeks ago, DRIME Benin did a time of ministry on the beach, a place where many people spend their Sunday afternoons. As they always do, the team set up their sound system and began presenting dramas that shared a message of hope and redemption. After their time of ministry, they invited people to consider a personal relationship with Jesus and 17 people accepted.

God is so clearly moving in these places, and we give all glory back to him!

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