By Moriah M, DRIME Vancouver member

I was in the midst of the crowd of onlookers when I noticed Derek intently watching the drama being performed. When the scene where Jesus’ death on the cross is represented, I noticed that this man had hurriedly turned away, as if to leave; however, he remained. I made my way over to him and began a conversation where I learned that he had just recently lost his girlfriend to cancer. He explained to me that he almost had to walk away when Christ ‘died’ in the drama because, as he put it, “It’s just still too fresh for me, you know?”

I told him about how Christ can help us with the pain of losing a loved one, and that He himself went through that pain with the death of his friend Larazus. So Christ understands the feeling of loss due to death. Although Derek said he realized this, (for he had Christian upbringing), he was more focused on connecting the ‘death’ of Christ with the death of his girlfriend because of the pain that he was feeling.

I was able to hand him a small NT Bible and a DRIME contact card because he said he really enjoyed watching the dramas and wanted to watch them online. He also mentioned that he would read the Bible I gave him. As he walked away, I was left with the feeling of sorrow for although he said he had an open mind, he refused to look at the drama at an angle that showed the love of Christ, His conquering death and sin which thus allows us to find peace and freedom—instead Derek focused on the ‘death of Christ’ and how that resembled the death of his girlfriend. Yet, God is good and the most important thing that I have learned during my time with my DRIME team is that prayer is a powerful thing and it works in mighty ways! As long as Derek is alive, there is hope for him to gain a clearer understanding.

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