Judging Justly

By Dove | DRIME Togo Leader

During one of our ministry times, one of the DRIME members was speaking with a man named Samuel who strongly defended the idea that we are all children of God and God could never reject one of them. He was then asked by the team member to imagine that there is a judge who is the father of a child who is a delinquent on trial, and the father was the one who had to judge his son in public for the crimes he committed. This member asked “Could the father judge in all honesty and honour his commitments as a father by defending his own son who has never done any good deeds in his life?”  Samuel responded quickly: “No.”

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The member then asked, “What would happen if the father, who is the judge, said that his son has always been loyal and declared him not guilty?” Samuel replied, “That the judge would be declared a liar, bad judge and would be stripped of his title.”  The DRIMER then explained that we are all creatures of God, but the children of God are those who have decided to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Christ could then declare them justified by his sacrifice on the cross and defend them. They would then be discharged from their sins and declared not guilty.

After this conversation, Samuel gave his life to Jesus without question. He is now walking as a justified child of God.

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