Written by Christine M. (DRIME Vancouver leader)

Before going into my first year of leadership in DRIME Vancouver, I sat down with my team leader Jamie and told him I didn’t think I’d be competent or worthy to serve. I was uncomfortable with the thought of jumping into something unknown that I would surely be completely incompetent in.

Looking back now, a year later, I can see God has rewired my previous constructs of what service to Him should look like. I needed to surrender my fear of imperfection and of making mistakes.

He has humbled me to see that He will work through me as it is ultimately His faithfulness and goodness that will persist despite our own lack.

It was never about my own competence in the first place, of whether or not I could close the gap, which could only be done by Christ.

God has taught me leadership is to be a Christ-follower, marked by our continual surrender to Christ in our own lives.

So sitting there, Jamie told me this:

“It is actually much better to remain in discomfort, to be in a place of being stretched so we may grow. You won’t grow in just settling in comfort, you have to be willing to trust God working through you. Leading isn’t so much of what we can do ourselves, but rather in what Christ can do in us if we remain humble and trust Him. The best leaders I have known are those who rely completely on God.”

And those words echoed throughout this year; I saw how God was faithful to grow this servant-leadership in each of us, in our leaders and team members called to serve in DRIME this season. I was in wonder and awe to see the beauty of God’s presence in each person on our team. Each person in our DRIME family has incredible value — to see Him use us to reach out to people on streets has given me such hope and relentless joy.

I can’t tell you just how thankful, how full I am. It’s been an incredible privilege to serve our Saviour in DRIME as a leader this year. To journey alongside my brothers and sisters — to witness and partake in the glimpse of the glory of His Kingdom.

I assure you, that at the heart of DRIME, there is so much beauty in intentionally loving the person right in front of you.

For all of us called into His service, my prayer for us is that we continually let Him conform our hearts to what Christ has already exampled for us – that our service become worship done in sincere love and humility.


Christina joined the DRIME Vancouver team in 2016 and became a leader the following year. The team’s ministry season runs from September to April each year. To learn more about DRIME Vancouver, follow them on their Facebook page!

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