From Despair to Hope

Stories from DRIME Kibera (Kenya) 

We have many teams around the world, but today we will share stories from our DRIME team in Kibera. This team has been faithfully sharing the Gospel in their neighborhood slum for 13 years. 

Story 1: John

After watching this man intently, I noticed that he looked hopeless and miserable. His name was John. I approached him and asked him if he would give me a few minutes to talk with him. Immediately it looked like I had made a mistake just by asking him. He said only a few words before tears started rolling down his cheeks. He told me, “i have been addicted to drugs for so long but it seems I am stuck there. My family has tried to help me but all has been in vain. Recently they have given up on me. So I think no one on earth wants me or loves me.” He said through his tears. 

“The Lord loves you and He is ready to help you.” I assured him. “God will listen to you and give you an identity.” I shared my testimony how God has changed me. His expression changed from despair to a bright hope. I prayed with him and he gave his life to Christ.


Story 2: Eric

Eric was a 12 year old boy. When I asked him if he goes to church and if he is saved, his answer was “No, I have never sinned.” I said, “Well, have you ever lied to anyone or stolen something?” He said “I have done these things several times.” Then I said to him, “Do you know the Ten Commandments?” He responded that he had! I explained that if you break one commandment you have broken them all and sinned against man and God. He looked sad and said, “So what can I do now that am used to do these things?” I explained to him the consequences of sin and how our loving God is willing to forgive him if he genuinely repents. Right there on the street corner, Eric surrendered his life to Christ.


These are just two of many stories from around the world of people who are encountering the life-changing truth of the Gospel. Through DRIME, spaces are created where people can enter into conversations that allow them to see the truth. If you’d like to hear more stories from our ministry, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow DRIME on Facebook

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