Facing Loneliness

By Sheldon Francescini | DRIME Vancouver Leader

One rainy ministry night, our leaders encouraged us to split up and walk around downtown Vancouver, where we would pray for the city and ask God to highlight people for us to talk with.

Walking down Granville Street, our group met Lisa. She was sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign. A casual greeting led us into an amiable, deep conversation that lasted forty-five minutes, as we shared a pizza and began to get to know each other. The conversation ranged from experiences in Quebec (her home), the dangers of drugs, and the human search for meaning and purpose. Despite our differences, the Holy Spirit was binding us together, and Lisa’s face warmed and softened as she saw we genuinely cared about her and were interested in her story.

We told her about the dramas we perform, and the message of hope that Jesus, the man in the white shirt, offers. She nodded her head in appreciation and said, “That’s really cool.” She expressed a desire for change in her life and training for a job; we were able to share information about an apprenticeship program for disadvantaged youth, which she agreed to look into.

God used our actions to emphasize His love for Lisa and show her that He will be with her in her loneliness. I know that I will not soon forget our encounter, and I know that God is continuing to nurture the seed that was planted that evening.

The DRIME Vancouver team regularly does ministry during the school year (September-April). To get updates and see what’s going on with the Vancouver team, you can follow them on Facebook! 

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