The 2020 Vision

This year, DRIME is celebrating 25 years since the ministry started many years ago in 1994! We honestly are speechless as we look back through our 25 years of ministry. We are so thankful to have been able to train thousands of people and teams in how to creatively engage their cities in a Gospel experience, and to have seen hundreds of thousands of people around the world encounter Jesus. As we launch into our year of celebrating what God has done in our 25 year history, we want to give you a small glimpse into our humble beginnings, and the journey that has led to our ministry being where it is today.

Some of our early DRIMERs

DRIME started as one small team in Vancouver, and throughout the years has multiplied to other countries around the world. First in Brazil in 2003, Kenya in 2006, Benin and Paraguay in 2010, and on and on until today, where we now have teams in 9 countries around the world…and still growing!

In the past, we multiplied teams by sending Canadian DRIMERs to other countries to train local Christians in the DRIME tool. These DRIMERs would typically live in a country for 3-6 months before passing on leadership to the newly trained local DRIME leaders. Over time, we started to dream about what it would look like if these DRIME teams could actually start multiplying themselves. What if a team in Benin could start another team in Benin?  This thought seemed very exciting, as we felt God showing us the impact and effectiveness that comes from training locals to multiply in their own context, since they know their people and culture way better than us!

The first DRIME extension ministry in Brazil!

Throughout this process, the 2020 vision was born in 2014. We felt God inspiring us to start 20 new DRIME teams by the end of 2020 and we have slowly started to see progress. Over the last few years, teams in Benin, Brazil, Paraguay and Hong Kong have been working to scout out locations for new DRIME teams and have raised up new teams in their own countries and in countries around them. Since the start of the 2020 vision, we have had 6 new teams fully launched, and currently have over 10 new teams that are currently in training to be launched as DRIME teams in the next year. 

This process has been so exciting to see and watch! We are grateful to God for this vision and for his guidance in the process. As we continue to see growth, we also want to share the true reason behind our 2020 vision through the words of our Director: 

“The reason we do this is so that people can come to know Jesus, that we can create space where people can interact with believers and experience God in a really safe environment  where dramas are happening to start conversations and pique interest. Through this, we can point to the One who not only gave us this vision but the one who gives us hope and gives us life, and that’s the ultimate ‘why’ behind the 2020 vision.” – Lillian Frederiksen, DRIME International Director 

All glory to God for this amazing journey of multiplication in his Kingdom! 

Continue to journey with us this year as we celebrate together what God has done, and will continue to do through this ministry.  

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