Tanya – Celebrating 25 years!


We’re kicking off our 25 year celebration as a ministry! Over the course of the next year, we’ll be sharing stories and videos every month, having “the sweetest streets ever” event, fundraising for our teams around the world, and ending off with a benefit concert next fall. It will be a year to remember!



[Tanya Price, Founder of DRIME:]
This of course is in Brazil. These guys, Deni and Maura, who just came and stayed at my house for two weeks during spring break. So it’s really cool to see how not only did we do ministry together way back when, but those relationships have really stood the test of time, which is really neat.

Here I was driving along and seeing the brokenness in a place like Hastings Street, and I remember feeling like God was saying: Tanya, I want you to do something in the city that impacts people. I remember about 25 years ago, being on this very street corner, here on Robson Street. The drama that we were doing was showing weakness, and hardship. And one of the guys was visibly upset by what he was watching. And his friend leaned over and said: “Oh don’t worry, I’ve seen this team here before. And pretty soon the one in white will come.” I knew from that moment on that we had something special in this tool.

I think being part of DRIME not only helped me be bold in my faith, but it helped me realize my own need for the Gospel, over and over and over again.

I would definitely tell them to join DRIME! I’d say: Join it! It changes your life

We are celebrating 25 years of ministry. So watch with us over this next year as we celebrate stories of God’s faithfulness from the last two and a half decades.

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