Guillermo & Tanja – Celebrating 25 years!


Guillermo and Tanja are long-time DRIME leaders in Paraguay. Today, they tell us of not only how God is changing lives in Paraguay, but how DRIME played a key role in their love story.



Guillermo: I want to be in the video too.

Tanja: This is Paraguayan tea called Tereré.

Tanja: In the first year we started I got to know Guillermo who became a good friend and then my boyfriend and now is my husband. We got married four years ago.

Guillermo: I had the blessing that I met the principal leader there who was Tanja and now she’s my wife.

[Why did you join DRIME?]

Tanja: I wanted to join DRIME because I loved the way DRIME uses art to call the attention of the people through the dramas. And I’m a very visual person so seeing the dramas it really had a great impact on my life.

Guillermo: I met DRIME through a mission team who went to Paraguay to do an outreach and to share the ministry with many churches. I wanted to learn more about how to use the drama to spread the gospel so it was very interesting for me and that was how I joined DRIME.

[How has DRIME changed a life?]

Tanja: Today we had our ministry time in a city close by called Canela and after ministry time I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked to the bathroom there at the public park and met a lady that was taking care of the whole area. I asked her, “Did you see something that we had been doing?” and she said, “Yeah, I saw some of the dramas but I really didn’t understand it”. So with my poor Portuguese I tried to explain what we were doing presenting the man in white. She started tearing up and I asked her, “May I pray for you?” and she said, “Yes! Of course!” and it was as if she was soaking up all the words I was talking to her and praying to her. It was a big highlight for me.

Guillermo: We were doing ministry one afternoon in the downtown Asunción. I walked to a man who was sitting alone in a bench and he was very lonely. He started to talk to me about his history about his family, and that he was in jail, that he had killed a man and it didn’t feel like he deserved a new opportunity. But I talked to him about God and his new mercies every day and his love for all of us, and he was very compelled for the love of God. We prayed that afternoon and he prayed to God and he took the Bible, and he said that he will live more for God’s Word to how to live his life. He said that even if he wanted to hear something for God he wouldn’t go to church or anything else or look for help, but we went that afternoon and talked straight to him about something spiritually, and he says, “I was looking for something from God, like something for my life and you came and talked to me.” It was very encouraging for us that we could do that.

Tanja: We love you!

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