Equipping Others in Montreal

Members from the church performing a drama

Members from the church performing a drama

This month, we took a team of 7 people to Ontario and Quebec with 2 missions: to encourage and do ministry with our DRIME Kingston and DRIME Toronto team, and share the vision of the ministry in Montreal.

When in Montreal, we trained a small team from a local church in 2 of our evangelistic dramas. This team, led by Pastor Michel, then performed these dramas on the streets outside their church during a bi-annual sidewalk sale. There were people everywhere, and a huge crowd formed around and watched the gospel being represented through choreographed dramas.


Many stopped to see the message of the gospel through the dramas

A co-worker of Michel’s, named François, saw the dramas. He wanted to approach Michel to talk about what was happening, but was unable to stay after the dramas were finished. At work on Monday, he approached Michel and wanted to talk about spiritual things. François had never approached him or wanted to talk about faith-related things before, and Michel was thrilled to have the chance to share the gospel.

As their conversation came to a close, François said, “I need to have a very important conversation with someone [God] tonight.” Michel couldn’t believe the door that had been opened to him through the DRIME tool.

This exciting testimony reminded us that equipping others to share their faith in their communities is such a valuable part of what we do. We eagerly anticipate the things that God will continue to do in Montreal!

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