Doris – Celebrating 25 Years!


This month, we sat down with Doris to celebrate 25 years!

We had the privilege of sitting down with Doris as she took us on a journey, through her memories and stories, all the way back to the early ministry years of DRIME in the 90’s. She stored our clunky sound system and materials in her office for many years, she wrote an article to raise awareness for DRIME, and she never stopped personally caring for our leaders. Doris was one of the first people to recognize what God was planning to do in and through DRIME, and we are so thankful that she passionately supported and championed our first DRIME team.

Thank you Doris! We are blessed to be celebrating our 25 year story with you!



[Doris, Early DRIME Champion:]

I’m a dreamer. They were visionaries. And they had a burden for the lord that was unquenchable.

I knew that group was unstoppable. They were not only excelling academically. Spiritually they were growing. Community – they were super engaged. But they were focused! And they were contagious. God had given them a special gift, and they were so willing to share and wanted other people to join them, so it wasn’t like there was any arrogance. It was a real humble spirit in that early group.

The founders of DRIME had a common bond and a vision, and it was evangelism. So it wasn’t just in DRIME. It was in every element of their lives.

I think DRIME has been a discipleship tool as much as an evangelism tool. My son had the privilege of being on one of the early teams. He remembers the sense of community and connection with strangers on the campus, like they came together – common purpose common goal, and then, he felt that he belonged.

DRIME is going to be one of those vehicles that God will use. Because you don’t need to use words. The need is real whether you’re dealing with terrorism or starvation or… anything!

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