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At Power to Change, we're wholeheartedly committed to telling people about Jesus. It is His example that we follow, and His exhortation that spurs us on. "Go and make disciples of all nations."

Two Miracles

Nancy saw the dramas and was interested in the man in white. She really wanted to know more about him. A DRIME member had a chat with her and explained to her who the man in white is.

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Continuing Conversations

"Seeing him tonight was completely different. He was so full of joy and so confident of God’s work in his life. He told me that he has 20 pages left before he finishes the entire Bible, and that he delights so much in learning more about God."

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Greater Power

This family used many incantations during the altar call, but they were surprised to find that none of their incantations were working. Many came forward to become believers, including the priest's son.

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Still Taking Care of Me

When I heard that she was a Christian, I thought we could just go, but then Beth asked if she had any prayer requests. Then she told us her situation: Her husband has two wives, and he is not providing for her and her daughter.

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Patricia confessed that she was caught in a life of sin and was on her way that day to go to the beach to get drunk. On her way to the beach, she saw our drama performance and then stopped to watch. God had clearly intercepted her path to get a message across to her.

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Coming Back Home

Throughout the conversation John shared that he had been a Christian for a long time, but had left church for a few years as he considered God had forsaken him. He felt that God didn’t answer his prayers on family issues, and as a result of hard things in his life, he suffered from depression.

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Just Two Days

At the end of the second day, the students presented these three dramas to officials and college professors. Many of them were moved to see students performing. The Secretary said, "I cried, it was so beautiful! I had never seen anything like this, and to see our students doing it after only two days...I can't believe they learned it all!"

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Reconciliation and New Life

We watched the dramas the dramas together for a little while. Suddenly, he exclaimed, "I can understand the drama: Jesus came to earth to die for us and rose again, and the devil only wants to destroy our lives!"

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Equipping Others in Montreal

A co-worker of Michel's, named François, saw the dramas. At work on Monday, he approached Michel and wanted to talk about spiritual things. François had never approached him or wanted to talk about faith-related things before.

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