Continuing Conversations

"Seeing him tonight was completely different. He was so full of joy and so confident of God’s work in his life. He told me that he has 20 pages left before he finishes the entire Bible, and that he delights so much in learning more about God."

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Equipping Others in Montreal

A co-worker of Michel's, named François, saw the dramas. At work on Monday, he approached Michel and wanted to talk about spiritual things. François had never approached him or wanted to talk about faith-related things before.

2019-09-19T00:26:12-04:00June 24th, 2015|

Unexpected Decision

Since she seemed receptive and her Father was a pastor I almost took for granted the fact that she must be a Christian too. But I pressed a little deeper asking if she had accepted Jesus personally into her heart as her Lord and Saviour. To my surprise she said she hadn't.

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Leadership and Conversations

Throughout DRIME, I have been able to grow in my walk with God and challenge myself in my faith. Leaders in DRIME really poured into me – they told me that I had leadership and evangelism skills and poured into me. I was only 18 and didn’t know that I was a leader and didn’t know God had a call on my life like that.

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Vancouver Victories

On a cold fall day, yet felt more like winter, Janet stopped by the streets to see what was happening. What she wanted to know more of was who the man in white was. Life seemed good for her but something was missing and she couldn't put a finger on it as to what that was.

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Planting Seeds in Toronto

These are small glimpses into what a person's willingness to have a spiritual conversations on the streets can make a change someone's life. Sometimes we simply plant a seed or change someone's view of Christianity, and we know that God continues to work in their lives long after we have a brief encounter with them.

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Turning Point

After doing a number of dramas and having some good conversations, during one of our dramas a man came up to us and fell to his knees. He proclaimed that he was a sinner and wanted forgiveness. He just kept repeating over and over that he was a sinner and wanted forgiveness, and was repenting from his sins!

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Training Camp for DRIME Leaders

7 people from across Canada came together in one place for a weekend of of fun, learning, games, and get-to-know-you activities. Sound like camp? You're right - camp for grown-ups, and specifically, camp for DRIME leaders.

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