Greater Power

This family used many incantations during the altar call, but they were surprised to find that none of their incantations were working. Many came forward to become believers, including the priest's son.

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Still Taking Care of Me

When I heard that she was a Christian, I thought we could just go, but then Beth asked if she had any prayer requests. Then she told us her situation: Her husband has two wives, and he is not providing for her and her daughter.

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Patricia confessed that she was caught in a life of sin and was on her way that day to go to the beach to get drunk. On her way to the beach, she saw our drama performance and then stopped to watch. God had clearly intercepted her path to get a message across to her.

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From Voodoo to Freedom

"I am a vodoun disciple and it’s not the first time for me to hear this message. Every time before, I resisted. But this time was different; I felt like something bigger than me was pulling me out of my house to listen."

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Change, Seeds, and Peace

After she had been watching for a while, we shared with her about Jesus Christ. She shared that she had been feeling useless in her life and wanted a change.

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Ministering to the Outcasts

There was this woman, who after watching the dramas came to us. She wanted to know why we have accepted to make ourselves dirty by falling on the ground don’t we have better things to do? We told her it is because of Christ.

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Not By Chance

Benjamin confessed that since giving his life to Christ he had not been living the way God would want him to: he was struggling with the desire to do things he knew were wrong because he was having difficulties in his life. But being with the DRIME team again and hearing about all that God had done, he realized that it was not by random chance that he first encountered the DRIME team.

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Kenya Connections

One of the pastors that we connected with shared with us: "Many times you've visited his church doing ministry but I have just come to realize how effective the tool is. The materials you have for evangelism have impacted my life."

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