Dramatic Connection

Maggie shared with our team member that before she turned to Christ, her life used to be similar to this character: she took drugs, was involved in triad activities, and she even attempted suicide once before turning to Christ.

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She Came Back

A street cleaner named Cindy came across our DRIME team as we were performing dramas. She said she saw our team at this same location in August 2014. The dramas had caught her eye then but she had been too busy to stop. Today she decided to stop so she could watch more of our dramas.

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How Do You Know It’s Real?

I was barely five steps out of a drama when she rushed in front of me. “How do you know it’s real?” asked a frustrated looking woman who had been watching the dramas for quite some time.

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May We Never Lose Our Wonder

As I’m looking back to these two weeks of my life and recalling my teammates perform dramas and talk to people on the streets, I learned that we all have a choice everyday to do things that will remain for eternity and those that have no impact on eternity. I have tasted the joy in seeking God’s kingdom and knowing that He takes care of the rest.

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A Little Seed

We gave her a little booklet that shared the Gospel in both English and Chinese. She began reading and didn’t take her eyes off of it the rest of the time that we sat with her.

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Training Camp for DRIME Leaders

7 people from across Canada came together in one place for a weekend of of fun, learning, games, and get-to-know-you activities. Sound like camp? You're right - camp for grown-ups, and specifically, camp for DRIME leaders.

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Catching up with DRIME Thailand

"In the dramas, when I look at Jesus, it helps me understand more about Christ. When doing the dramas, it helps me to understood the real story of the gospel that is more clear than when I just read my Bible."

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The Testimony of Team

God revealed to me a bit of His fierce love for the Thai people and showed me that it was the same fierce love He has for me. I will never look at ministry the same way again…

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I wasn’t sure that I could do this - perform the dramas in front of people! I’m just too shy. But God helped me through those feelings of 'you can’t' to become 'of course you can!'

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